Ever wonder what the SPF values were for the oils and butters we use on natural hair? Look no further, we've outlined the most-used ones in this post to help protect both hair and part lines.


This process is pretty simple and, unlike other methods, ours does not require permanently altering the doll's hair in any way.


Everything you need for your child including articles on swimming with natural hair, choosing the right sunscreen, helmet-friendly hairstyles, and more.


Places get hot and humid during the summer, others get hot and dry. We get both, humidity during the early months and dry winds in late summer. See this post for how we put moisture back into my daughter's hair when it's dry.


Not sure where to start? Check out this post for the basic healthy hair steps we use for nurturing my daughter's natural hair.

18 July 2014

Transitioning a Frohawk Into a More Protective Summer Hairstyle

As I had mentioned in our Frohawk post from Independence Day, my daughter was heading into day camp and swimming for the next four weeks. In order to better protect her hair during the various activities we needed to transition the hairstyle into something more protective. This post covers how we've created three regular hairstyles, and one "crazy" look, based off of the initial starting frohawk from a few weeks back.

15 July 2014

Movie Review Resource for Parents and Families Touched by Adoption

As silly as it may seem, considering why I started this blog four years ago, the majority of our readership is not adoptive parents. So when it comes to adoption-specific information it's becoming increasingly difficult to weed through what we share and what is already "out there" for people to find via other resources. However, I'm a huge fan of the arts, and movies are no exception. And if I were to have ever blogged about movies I likely would have done it exactly as Addison Cooper does over at Adoption at the Movies. I've been a fan of his blog for a few years now.  While Cooper does touch on adoption themes in the movies he reviews, I believe there is enough "meat" in them to appeal to a broader audience, which is why I've taken the time to share his work with you.

03 July 2014

Frohawk with Side Flat Coils and Cornrowed Border

Finally, at long-last my daughter gets to have the frohawk that she's been begging for this past year, and just in time for this year's Fros on the Fourth! This is the second of three hairstyles that she's requested for her "summer" styles (i.e., fun things that she wanted to try and/or can't wear during the school year). As I mentioned in our preview photo posted on Instagram and Facebook, she was so excited about this look she kept asking to look in a mirror every time I finished a row!

30 June 2014

Finishing Yarn Extensions or Wraps by Burning the Ends {Video}

Many have asked for our technique for burning the ends of yarn extensions. The video below specifically illustrates exactly that. Please make sure that no hair is present in the ends of the extensions or wraps so as to not burn your child's hair.

20 June 2014

Short Yarn Crochet Twists with Bangs and Protected Edges {Tutorial}

Yarn extensions are always a summer favourite for my daughter because she loves the fact that we don't style every weekend and that she can have a bit of coloured yarn added. However, my daughter's hair is fairly long (midback right now) so yarn extensions usually need to be that length (or longer if we're burning the ends or adding beads), which poses a problem when trying to fit all of the yarn under a swim cap. This year she wanted to try something new. First, she absolutely insisted on bangs (her cousins all have bangs and she wanted them, too), so I knew that our traditional method was not going to work. Second, she wanted her hair to be off her neck without having to constantly be pulling it up into a ponytail. Oh, and she didn't want to cut her hair at all, so that was completely out.

So we came up with this hairstyle to address all of our concerns. It was formed using the crochet technique (outlined below). Unlike the majority of crochet braid hairstyles, the style we created eliminates the need to attach hair (or in our case, yarn) to any of her edges, thus keeping them protected for the duration of the hairstyle. Yes, you read correctly: No edges were harmed in the making of this hairstyle.

14 June 2014

"Dads Doing 'Do's" : Celebrating Dads Who Care for Hair, Father's Day 2014 #FathersDay #NaturalHair

This is the first year we've done a Father's Day feature and I have to thank everyone who sent in photos and making it a huge success! Piggybacking on our "Mama and Me" Mother's Day post, this year we're honouring fathers who participate in caring for their kids' hair. Haircare is very often a team effort and these dads have really stepped up! Below are photos of 33 dads (posted in the order received) who are showing us all how it's done!

Featured above is:
Child: My daughter, "Boo"
Age: 3 years old (in the photo)
Dad: Timothy
About the hairstyle: This photo was from 20111. Boo's father was using a pintail comb to remove a braided hairstyle. Although my daughter's father no longer lives with us (we're divorced) he still plays an active role in her haircare when she's visiting him. Even when she was much younger he was always hands-on. Knowing how much time we spend on hair it was important to him to be part of the bonding process.