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26 September 2014

Sunburst Flat Rope Twist Bangs with Box Two-Strand Twists #NaturalHair #Hairstyle

This lovely hairstyle is our 2014 school picture 'do and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I've already posted our tips for preparing for school photos and did my best to heed my own advice. This look allowed me to get a photo that shows her length while also ensuring that her hair will stayed presentable and out of her face when photo day rolled around.

17 September 2014

NOW AVAILABLE: Our Book Is Available for Purchase in Print and Kindle Editions

Yay! At long last, we are pleased to announce that our book is now available for purchase! We are offering both print and ebook versions, available via Amazon for your convenience.


Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care: A Parent's Guide to Beginning Natural Hair Styling covers basic hairstyles and techniques, from learning to part naturally curly hair to styling cornrows and twists. If you are a transracial adoptive parent, a parent of a biracial child, or a caregiver to a young one with kinky-curly hair, this book is everything you need to start a hairstyling routine with your child. This comprehensive guide is organized so that you can read sections on an as-needed basis, addressing techniques and maintenance that are specific to your family’s needs at any point along your child’s haircare journey.

13 September 2014

Pinned Braids and Cornrows with Side Bangs

We're heading into week four with our back-to-school hairstyle and, as promised, I'm posting one more updated look that she'll be wearing to finish off this 'do before we restyle for school photos next weekend.

06 September 2014

Cornrowed Headband: Our Back-to-School Hairstyle Update

Believe it or not, this hairstyle is exactly the same hairstyle that we set for my daughter's back-to-school look a few weeks back. The only difference between that look and this one is in how we styled it. One of the things that I love about styles like these is their versatility. I was hoping to get a month out of this hairstyle; so far, we are well on our way!

23 August 2014

Curled Front Boxed Braids and Staggered Back Cornrows #Hairstyle #Tutorial

You'd think that I had learned my lesson about box braids on long hair when we did a whole head of them this summer and they took forever and a day to remove. Well, I did. Sort of. I learned a couple of things, in fact. First of all, they are really easy to style in several different ways. Second, my daughter loves them because they show off how long her hair is. And best of all, they last a really long time while still protecting her hair from moisture loss and breakage. So, despite the fact that removal will take a few days, we chose to go with them once again for this year's back-to-school hairstyle. But I made it a little easier on myself this time: I only did the boxes in the front of her head; the back is cornrowed. So we achieved nearly the same look as with a full head of boxed braids, but with significantly less time investment in both installation and future removal.

18 August 2014

2014 Back-to-School Round-Up: Hairstyles, Lunches, and More!

It's that time of year again! I can't believe my daughter is starting the 2nd grade this week. When I started this blog back in 2010 she had just started her first year of preschool. Many of you have watched her grow up these past few years right along with me. Thanks so much for hanging with us! Below I've assembled a selection of inspirational posts that cover everything topics such as school-friendly hairstyles, school lunches, and self-esteem.