10 March 2012

Flat Rope Twist, Twists, and Did I Mention Twists?

As much as I love this post, I'm going to preface it with my personal preference: I'm not a huge fan of rows or flat twists that go away from the hairline. I rather prefer to have the rows going down, toward the hairline, because I think they pull less and I can twist/braid them along the hairline to better protect it. However, I do make exceptions to my own preferences and this is one of them.

I had been planning on doing this style for a while. I really just needed to work it out when I knew Boo was going to be in a good mood, because doing the back requires her to be in her least-favourite hair position. So I prepped her earlier in the week, letting her know what was coming so that by the time hair day arrived she was ready to go!

I did some pre-parts for the style I was doing and then banded the hair for a few days before we started styling this morning.

I snapped a quick photo of the back directly after taking the bands out. You can see that it's still a bit wavy, but the length is nice (not that that matters to the style) and it has stayed detangled and moisturized.

I took the bands out of the back and divided into four equal rows. I also combed through product and made sure that it was ready to work with before I made Boo "assume the position" for styling.

Boo's least favourite position. Thankfully, I'm pretty fast at doing these so she wasn't there long and we took a break between each row. I have her kneeling on a pillow in front of me with her head between my legs, looking down at the floor (so she can breathe). I had her pick a movie she knew really well so that we could play a quick game of "guess what's happening in this scene." She picked Toy Story 3. Little did I realize how well she knew this movie. With only sound as cues, we were shocked when Boo shouted, "See Daddy how Woody's hat got left behind?" Impressive, baby girl, very impressive.

I did four rows of flat rope twists up the back in nearly no time. If you are unfamiliar with how to do flat rope twists, please check out our written instructions and/or our flat rope twist how-to video.

From here on out, twisting up the sides was much easier because she could see the television. No complaints at all.

I did four rows on each side as well, which kept them all equally sized.

Boo did such an awesome job (and we finished so quickly) that I decided to let her take a break for the rest of the morning and told her we'd finish the top after lunch.

She was super happy about that!

Now, with the top just free hair, there are many options. The first option is to leave the free hair and either put in a curl definer, leave it stretched like a fauxhawk, or style it like a pompadour.  I actually have a plan in mind for this week, so I decided to continue on with the twist theme we had going and parted the hair into triangles. I added the hair from each row into one triangle on the top of the head in order to anchor it up high. If I had just completed the flat rope twist into a finished rope on it's own, they droop too much for me (i.e., hang too separated from the hair on top of the head) and that wasn't the look I was going for.

After finishing all of the twists, I gathered them all to the left-hand side of Boo's head. All I had to do was intertwine them with each other to keep them placed to the side. As the hair sets, they will likely stay there on their own.

The view from the back. No doubt as she sleeps on it the twists will move and bend in different ways. The easy remedy for that is a quick spritz of water and some clips to weigh them down.

Boo wanted to let her twists fly freely on that one side (rather than having them pined or banded together) so that's what we did. She likes to shake 'em! Also, somebody once asked me what our Rockin' Summer Hair, Part 2 would look like without all the yarn. Well, it would look pretty much like this, except for the fact that I did twists instead of braids this time.

Overall, this style went way more quickly than I had anticipated. That was fine by us, it freed up time for us to spend as a family, planting new flowers in the front yard.

We have more plans for this style later in the week, so stay tuned!