13 March 2012

Flat Rope Twists and Top-Twist Ponytail

This update to our Flat Rope Twists with Top Twists is so easy that I almost feel guilty about devoting a whole post to it. But boy is it cute!

All I did was take the loose twists on the top of the head and put them in a loose ponytail (using a terry cloth pony O), positioning it toward the front left.

Here's a view from the right side. The twists are loose because I didn't want to make the ponytail too tight (and thus pull too much on the hair), but if you want a cleaner look you can tighten it more and/or use bobby pins to keep them lined up straight.

What I really liked about this was the fact that the ends were already a little wonky, as happens after Boo sleeps on them for a few days. I did not try to straighten them each morning, but rather let them go their own way, knowing that I was going to do this style mid-week. And it worked out perfectly!

The curled and kinked ends of the twists created just the cute little curled twist-puff right on the top front of her head!

I love this style! It's been so easy to maintain, and it would work great for an adult as well.

We have a few more variations on this look coming up so check back with us soon!