14 April 2012

Yarn Twists with Organic Parts

After having to do an emergency take-down of Boo's "fancy" hair style the other day due to "hot spots," we followed up with some yarn twists that we're hoping will last us several weeks. Boo's been a trooper about sitting for hair lately; I really wanted to do something that I know will last a while so that both she, and I, can have a break. So we did a marathon day of yarn twist extensions yesterday, with the plans of styling them "fancy" for today's planned Fancy Nancy birthday party for a friend. And after all of that, the party was postponed/cancelled due to illness. *sigh*

I did organic parts this time (or giraffe parts, seashell parts, half-moon parts, whatever you want to call them), mostly because I wanted to try to get them all done in one day and these go faster. As always, if you are new to yarn extensions I recommend reading the pros and cons of doing them before giving them a try. If you decide that they're something you want to give them a go, please check out the written instructions or the video instructions for how we do them.

As usual, her extensions were knotted at the same length as her natural hair (when pulled straight). Twisted, her hair is shorter, but I like the extra length initially so that I can trim the hair for a more even look when the twists are completed.

I did something a little different this time. Instead of going from the name of the neck all the way up to the front, I stopped at an ear-to-ear part line:

These are what the organic parts look like:

After the back met the ear-to-ear part line, I started in the front and worked backward. I have to say, I really like the way this turned out and will likely use this method again in the future. It made it so much easier to get the sections in the front of the hair to look neat and somewhat symmetrical.

This is the back of the finished look, after we trimmed her hair. I have the flash on so you can see the part lines more clearly, but without it they are not nearly as noticeable.

The finished look from the side:

You can see that the length is about mid-back, which is where her natural hair in the twists ends. If I would have cut them any shorter I would have been trimming her hair off.

Overall, these were a huge success! I cannot believe that we put in 150+ extensions in one day, starting at 10am and taking several breaks. Boo was so patient and my hands worked quickly and without incident. I wonder if it's the new medication I've started taking, because I didn't have any shakes at all and didn't need to take nearly the number of breaks that I normally do.

Stay tuned, I have a post on how we trim yarn extensions to get a more even, finished look coming up next week!