04 May 2012

Family Friday: Well, That's ONE Way to Get My Kid To Clean!

Just when I thought we were finally moving out of the Hello Kitty phase we got reeled back in at Target today. Set aside in a fluff of Pepto-Bismal pinkness, everything from a Hello Kitty cotton candy machine to a Hello Kitty microwave were screaming out to my daughter, "Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!" Thankfully all of the items fell into the "non-necessity" category, and I almost got away without buying a thing. However, just as I was turning the cart down the next aisle, Boo squealed, "Mama! They have a VACUUM!!!" And this is where I got sucked (pun intended) back in to Hello Kittydome.

We did promise to get her her own little Dust Buster last Christmas, something I had completely forgotten about.  Until now. She was right, she had been begging for a vacuum of her very own for a good year, and we did agree to get her one. I just wish I would have remembered sooner before we spotted this one and saved myself the dough.

Is it worth the price? No. It's pink and cheap but it does actually suck things up and that's really all we wanted for her in the first place. The fact that she loves it, however, just makes her want to use it that much more! And besides, it matched the Hello Kitty barrette and tattoo that Boo had, as well as the Hello Kitty scissors that were on the floor:

At first I thought that her wanting to clean all the time was good thing. I quickly learned I was mistaken. "Mama, is this small enough to get sucked up?" she asked about increasingly larger and larger pieces of paper, until I finally said, "No, that needs to go into the trash."

"How about I just get my scissors and cut it up into smaller pieces? Then they will fit!"

And that's when I realized that Boo having her own vacuum was likely going to cause more messes than it was actually going to clean.

Like the crumbs that were purposefully dropped around the chair during lunch, or the craft paper that she just couldn't manage to keep in large pieces and on the table while working.

In fact, this went on until the battery finally ran out and she was left having to use the handbroom to clean the latest "mess." I'm kind of hoping that her desire to create messes to clean will wear off as she starts to realize how much work it is to do so. Hopefully at that point she'll still be interested in using it for regular messes. *fingers crossed*

In reality, it's a cute thing for her to have and she feels more empowered when it comes to taking responsibility for her space/messes. The fact that it's pink and Hello Kitty make her love it even more! However, I do have one recommendation: If you're gonna get your kid a "special" vacuum with which to clean, save yourself the money and buy a cheap hand-vac and slap a sticker on the side of it. Of course, it won't come with a box and all the "hoopla" surrounding it, but it will serve it's purpose and for a lot less money.

A plus side for me, though, is that the Hello Kitty vacuum came with a car charger so I could use it in the car. Not like I'm planning on doing so, but it just so happens to meet the requirements of Boo's LeapPadwhich we did buy her for Christmas.

Apparently I'm still trying to rationalize to myself why I indulged in that purchase for her...